Visitor Vetting and Your Business

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A picture of a man walking through a building with visitor access managementHow many visitors does a given facility receive every day? Is Visitor Vetting a part of your company procedures? What happens to them once they enter the building? Is someone posted at the entrance or is the check-in process automated? These are just some of the questions and concerns at the forefront of clients’ minds. Conversations regarding effective building security take place in offices and installations every day. These discussions underscore the significance of visitor management, specifically a visitor management system (VMS) to keep them organized.

But before getting down to the best visitor vetting system in the market today, let us define the system first.

What Is a Visitor Vetting System?

visitor to a workplace that was vetted at the front deskA visitor management system is a tool used in managing and tracking visitors. Such a system provides selective access to offices and other types of structures and helps improve the overall experience of the visitors. It does more than a paper and pen can, for example, a VMS can:

  •    Take photos of visitors for better identification
  •    Maintain cloud-based visitor log
  •    Accept document drop-off and food deliveries
  •    Print visitor ID badges and customize with the corporate logo
  •    Send an email, Slack, and SMS notification when a visitor arrives
  •    Provide visitors with instructions.

With the many functions of a Visitor Management System, how can your facility benefit?

Benefits of a Visitor Management System

A visitor management system solves significant challenges usually encountered by many offices such as in productivity, security, and brand image. The system mainly deals with issues on:

  •    Productivity-reducing interruptions
  •    Receptionists stuck at desks
  •    Information security
  •    Visitor privacy
  •    Emergency evacuation planning
  •    Regulatory compliance
  •    Business enterprise’s first impression
  •    Establishing a consistent brand image

At this point, does your office need a Visitor Management System? It’s a definite yes. However, it is not yet time to go to the marketplace to purchase one.

Considerations When Purchasing a Visitor vetting System

Take into account the following features of a Visitor Management System before deciding which one you should purchase.

  •    Check-in Process Customization – Visitors within varying categories need not necessarily go through the same check-in procedure. For instance, they may or may not be required to sign an agreement or wear the company’s badge. You may need to get their company and name. A customized check-in process enables you to make a design of the reception experience for each visitor.
  •    Message Forwarding – A notification can be sent to someone else in case of the unavailability of the primary contact of a visitor. Have unlimited notification backup to make sure that no visitor will be unattended.
  •    Two-Way Communication – In addition to receiving messages from the visitor management system, your employees may also need to return messages to their visitors.
  •    Digital Visitor Log – Digital visitor logs allows the company to track visitors to ensure security and export people attending a specific event.
  •    Multiple Channels Use for Notifications – Receptionists may send an automatic notification to the person the visitor would like to see through text message, Slack, or email. This enables contacts within the company to select their preferred notification channel.
  •    Badge Printing – This visitor management system feature is certainly highly sought-after. Visitor badges give you knowledge on the people present in the office. Some badges are mainly designed for specific visitors.
  •    NDA and Legal Agreements – The management system should be able to simplify the paperwork from these documents. Note that companies ask business partners, colleagues, and job applicants to sign NDAs and other necessary legal agreements.

Morale often improves significantly with an efficient Visitor Management System. It should be a paramount consideration for every facility in today’s security climate.

Best Visitor Management System

Allow us to show you the best system available on the market these days.

VVMS: Your Best Visitor vetting System

Take note of the following features of VVMS, their specifications, and their reviews to help you figure out what’s the best for your company.

Visitor Sign-In

sign in sheet for front deskVisitors sign in simply and quickly with VVMS as it allows you to print badges, receive an alert when guests arrive and ensure legal documents’ signage. VVMS streamlines visitor sign-in because it enables you to automate manual tasks such as employee alert, badge creation, or legal paperwork filling. The system provides a powerful first impression for visitors because of the innovative, modern sign-in solution. It allows building security to know who is inside and authorized in the building through the custom visitor badges. Its real-time dashboard shows those who are signed in. It only offers a smooth visitor check-in process, making it very effective and efficient and very beneficial. It is easy to use and effortless with its user-friendly dashboard and excellent features. Its text feature is viable for students.

Installation Process

Setting up VVMS is very convenient and easy to install. Setup takes about 5 minutes, and any obstacles can quickly be overcome with its strong customer support. It commits to provide every customer security of its components with reliability and confidentiality. An iPad and a computer are the only things necessary to use the system.

Visitor Vetting Receptionist Software

On-premise and cloud-based VVMS receptionist is great for large, midsize, and small business enterprises in various industries. The system includes motion detection, event management, company directory, visitor registration, and badge printing. It greets visitors with its motion detection feature. It integrates with on-premise and cloud-based communication systems like Avaya, Microsoft Skype, and Cisco. You can subscribe to VVMS on a monthly basis. This virtual receptionist saves you money because it spares you from paying someone to do the task. It is as convenient to use as it is professional in approach. Its communications options connect visitors with your team.

Office Automation

VVMS front office automation and visitor vetting system aims to heighten building security while lessening front desk personnel workload via smartphone-based applications and kiosk self-service. Its primary service is to provide you with flexibility for efficiency and security. Vertical markets benefit from this VMS including universities and colleges, medical clinics and hospitals, manufacturing facilities, hotels and casinos, private and public K-12 schools, and sports venues. VVMS products are designed to meet the needs of varying environments and budget. They include reports and configuration settings, background checks, data storage, access to visitor records, and unlimited data storage. The system scans a driver’s license and other visitor ID formats. It immediately records visitor traffic. Its self-service interface enables visitors to make an unassisted sign in and sign out. It makes timesheet reporting easy.


Optimize your visitor management process with VVMS. This VMS maximizes the efficiency of the front desk by permitting the receptionist to carry out other significant projects while the visitors are asked to sign themselves. It strengthens the security and safety of your facility without compromising regulatory compliance. It supports regular auditing as it provides all the necessary reports.  It transforms the front desk as an efficient organizational point. Its interface supports different languages. The system is multilingual, keeping you connected. Its fluid and responsive platform make it simple matter the environment and devices. It ensures the following of legal documents and compliance. Spotting visitors is made very easy with its visitor badge. It hosts notifications to keep everything very efficient.

Reporting and Configuration

VVMS makes the most of its state-of-the-art features leaving a powerful impression on your visitors. Our cloud-based Visitor Registration Management Solution uses an Android tablet or iOS for registration along with a reporting and configuration website. It supports receptionist-less front desks. It has a digital signature, a real-time dashboard, and SMS notifications. Its dashboard tracks the exact number of visitors signed in, present at the time being, and those who have signed out. It can welcome visitors from more than one company from the same device. It automatically allows the visitee to know of the visitor’s arrival through email, Slack, and SMS. It checks the emergency data from a device that can browse the internet. It captures digital signatures and visitor photos.

The platform is easy to use with its great back-end features like the emergency evacuation procedure. It is customizable to meet your needs and put your branding on it. It has a positive response to both the visitees and the visitors. Its layout is so simple as it can quickly explain to volunteers working with it. It shows flexibility to end-users.

Visitor Vetting and Scalability

Manage people who sign into and out of your website using cloud-based VVMS. The software is scalable as it gives you an option whether to use the whole or bare minimum modules in case or company requires for it. This solution works great for various industries like manufacturing, schools, construction, government, and offices. It comes with badge printing, notifications, reporting, visitor car parking, and visitor tracking. It allows users to handle to handle visitors in signing in and out of the facilities, manage visitor policies, and view unauthorized visitors. It is user-friendly, which always evolves and looks for additional features. It’s a product which can fit all the business groups. Setting it up is very easy as it enables you to customize information suitable for visitor pre-registration completion. It only requires minimal maintenance, and it is adaptable for good aesthetics. It reports on the historical presence data. You can find it very handy when monitoring staffs’ in/out and the other beneficial functions.

Productivity Booster

VVMS is an easy-to-use visitor management platform that helps boost the productivity of your company. This is attributable to its digital document signing, contact management, user notifications, badge printing, and visitor registration. It is part of an integrated suite offering a workplace analytics and employee meeting tool. It can integrate with different third-party services like Dropbox, Google Apps, Jira, Slack, Office365, and Box.a mobile application for the iOS devices. The platform offers real-time host notification that provides an easy and quick visitor check-in. It establishes custom visitor types, manages documents and NDAs, and it promises safety to your office. Its deployment and support cost lesser than the other comparable alternative.

Smart, Paperless Visitor Connection

Reinvent your visitor Hello with the smart yet simple visitor management system VVMS. The solution offers a paperless gateway for a smooth and intuitive people connection. This is the complete VMS system that streamlines and modernizes your office’s front desk. It elevates critical first impressions while enhancing the security and safety of your workplace. It shows off the agility, cleverness, and efficiency of your business before speaking a single word. It’s efficient in providing a complete image of those who are on site with the real-time employee and visitor movements. Visitor engagement is another factor that this system promised. The system proves the statement that first impressions really last. It is accurate and quick in giving information as it demonstrates how time can be very precious. Human technology is its priority which is supported by values. It is easy to use as it meets the requirements and highly customizable and configurable.


Digitized arrows on a signBe digital with VVMS as it goes beyond a simple digital check-in app. The platform provides functionality and features that boost your visitors’ experience and make your hosting simple. Among its features are automatic badge printing, offline alerts, customizable watchlists, electronic document signing, and visual identification. It protects your personal data and security with visitor badges, digital NDAs, watchlists, and more. It captures real-time information about your visitors from different locations. It crafts distinct guest sign-in experiences and customizes your brand’s design. It also comes with a speed of new feature development according to your ideas and needs. VVMS offers integration with different apps or platforms. You can embed this software into the overall branding of your company. It is so straightforward to use that further explanation is not necessary. It has exceptional customer support, and it is intuitive during its installation and configuration


Visitor vetting is made easy with VVMS as it manages staff, assets, contractors, and visitors throughout the workplace. It can geofence your website and check-in contractors, staff and repeat visitors. Its implementation is among the best decisions made by its end-users. Its primary features include badge printing, analytics, automatic notifications, reporting, and visitor registration. It is downloadable for iOS and Android devices. Wherever you may be, you can always subscribe to this app since it’s available globally. Mobile check-in is effortless with visitor notifications from the same app. It improves security and rapidly prints badges upon visitor arrival. The plug and play set up of this system is very easy. Instructions may not be necessary as it is extremely easy to use. It has excellent mobility and is typically adopted by staff very readily. It is straightforward as it manages different sites from one dashboard. It reduces paper consumption significantly.

Customizable Functionality

Transform your traditional visitor management approach to a modern office reception with VVMS. The digital receptionist greets visitors allowing them to choose their visitation purpose, the person they would want to see, and key-in their name. It provides a mobile application for Android and iOS devices and hardware like badge printers and tablets. It offers effective and hassle-free visitor logging. It is a complete visitor management system with a customizable functionality. It helps improve office work and resolves an issue associated with data access and time. It controls the time of physicians.

Brand Image

VVMS elevates the brand image of your business. Corporate image is really significant due to its impact on your bottom line. This is due to the likeliness of company purchasing perceived positively. Although brand image can be tricky since it is not something that you can completely control. However, you can shape it by making choices. You can help promote you are environmentally responsible through the green initiatives.

Office technology has a significant impact and influence on a corporate brand image. VVMS enhances their brand. This is the very reason why more and more businesses use a VMS. It raises their brand and thereby impress the visitors. This only means that this technology helps influence the view of every customer on a brand. As such, there is a need for VMS to make things easy for both the companies and visitors.

VMS Qualifications for Best Application

VMS electronically monitors and then records information regarding employees and visitors of a public building or business. VVMS documents and collates data on the whereabouts of a visitor in the facility. This system guarantees that your visitor sign-in process will be more accurate, efficient, and consistent. It provides proper visitor information storage in a database. It protects employees and facilities and increases building security. The best thing is the fact that it can be installed on an existing personal computer available at the desk of the receptionist or it can be developed on certain kiosk (self-service). This software can scale based on business enterprise’s need and size and can be integrated with the identity management software.

Just take note of the following qualifications that should be present in a VMS:

VVMS is deployable on a tablet, self-service kiosk, or a PC.

It can collect and document guest or visitor information.

It can facilitate guest or visitor check-in.

Achieve the vision of offices and establishments can maintaining operations with ease and efficiency through an exceptional quality visitor management service. Visitors are as valued as your staff and customers through the functionality and efficiency of your visitor vetting system.

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