Customer Support

VVMS has an A+ rating for customer support.  VVMS cares about the customers’ needs and wants and delivers support in a timely and professional manner. 

Visitor Vetting and Management Systems believes that our relationships with our customers begins at signing a contract and continues throughout the years.  VVMS works tirelessly to provide personalized support to our customers and is our # 1 priority.

Visitor Vetting and Management Systems warranties that the system a customer purchases will run as advertised.  Customers may contact support by telephone or email. Annual support includes continuous upgrades to the system and helps to ensure the system is always up-to-date.

VVMS’ technical support team provides technical support, advice, and assistance to customers with technical, hardware, and software system problems. Our IT team monitors and maintains the computer systems and networks of our customers. This could be installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware, and software faults and solve technical and application problems, either over the phone or in person.

Routine maintenance is performed transparently to the customer. Routine maintenance keeps the server hardware, server operating system, and all application software up to date. This will be done outside of the normal operating window and will therefore not impact the normal use of the system.

VVMS will provide Emergency Support to include, but not limited to, patches, updates, bug fixes, etc. during an emergency or urgent situation to resolve technical issues critical to the functionality of the visitor management system.

All hardware purchased through VVMS is covered by a hardware warranty and/or hardware maintenance agreement. Hardware may include computers, document scanners, barcode readers, signature pads, mobile handheld devices, kiosks, and badge printers.

Onsite support is provided if support cannot be achieved through phone calls, emails, or correcting system issues remotely.  One of VVMS’ highly trained IT professionals will visit your customer location to detect and rectify any issues that your organization may be experiencing.  Details pertaining to onsite support can be obtained by speaking with a sales representative.

System Design

We will configure our solutions to meet your requirements, instead of asking you to adapt to a preset design. Why does your company’s business practices have to change when VVMS can change its design and application to meet your company’s growing needs and security requirements? Visitor Vetting and Management Systems has designed visitor management products to conform to different business environments. VVMS has experience working with different types of agencies such as government, military, prisons, and business organizations. Through working with these different industries, VVMS has improved its products and services to meet the needs of each organization.  VVMS’ visitor management systems are highly customizable, so each organization can get the system they are require in order to meet its security goals and needs.

Vetting Visitors


Visitor Vetting and Management Systems has a formal training plan that is designed to teach customers how to use the system.  Training material will be provided as part of the installation bundle. This will include training material delivered in both written format and electronic format for duplication.  Training material is tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

VVMS offers extensive training including onsite training to both end-users and train the trainer. All training materials used are provided by VVMS and formal training takes place away from the normal flow of business.  VVMS employees can be onsite during the first week the customers VMS goes into production. These trainers can shadow customers and mitigate issues if they occur. VVMS provides this extensive training to make the customer feel comfortable and at ease with their new system.

Custom Modifications

Custom Modifications can be made to meet a clients’ security processes and regulations.  Modifications, if needed, are determined in a Joint Application Design (JAD) session. Custom modifications keep VVMS ahead of other competitors.  VVMS can easily adapt to a customer’s growing and changing security needs.

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