How To Keep The Bad Guys Out Of Your Business

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unchecked visitors in officeJust as you take measures to ensure that your home is safe from intruders, you need to ensure that your work environment is secure. Not only is this essential to employee satisfaction rates, but it is also a vital step toward protecting your assets. You can rest assured that your company is well-protected once you have the right management system in place.

Though employees at small companies generally don’t need to worry about visitors going unnoticed, that is no longer the case once your offices reach a certain size and configuration. Allowing random unsupervised visitors to stroll through your halls opens you up to various types of criminal targeting.

From competitors looking to get their hands on your stats to thieves wanting to cash in on your accounts, your business information is at risk. At the same time, your employees are vulnerable to encountering unchecked visitors who are up to no good.

The right setup will catalog everyone into your system, including employees.

Additionally, you can set it up for one-time visitors as well as those with ongoing visits. For instance, vendors, repair persons, and volunteers.

You can find a variety of automation systems on the market, but they are not all created equal. You need to know what to look for in a high-quality vetting and management system. Otherwise, you could end up not using it, or spending more cash to replace it.

First of all, you want a customizable system. There are several different types of checkpoints, some dependent in part on location. For instance, if you have a private parking area with a gated entry, you will need a check specifically for vehicles.

You might also want to establish specific parameters for access to certain areas.

high-security areasPerhaps you don’t want any vendors allowed beyond a particular checkpoint or have high-security areas where only a select few are allowed to go. No matter what the reasons and locations, you need a customized solution, so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary services.

Investigate the security of any management system you are thinking about using. What kind of reputation does it have regarding reliability and customer support? What type of hardware, hosting, and encryption does the business offer? The answers to these questions should help to reassure you that you are making the right choice.

Additionally, you deserve to have a system with integrated management solutions. This not only boosts your security, but it also simplifies use for everyone involved. A good vetting system will allow you to verify identifications, including techniques to ensure no tampering has occurred.

You can set up the system to do a background check on everyone before they receive a badge or other means of accessing the site. The National Crime Information Center offers criminal background information, including active warrants. Additional sources of useful information include the Sex Offender Registry, Bureau of Industry and Security Information and the FBI Most Wanted lists.

Hardware and software don’t just perform to identify people.

VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMIf you are in control of the parking, License Plate Recognition cameras and software are valuable tools to have on your side. These can be used before and at the security gates to help thwart potential problems.

Regular updates are vital to your security efforts. You should be able to schedule background re-checks on a regular basis. The program can alert the appropriate team member when a change has occurred for employees and visitors.

Badges are the most well-known navigational tool for accessing facilities and locations within buildings. Today, biometric tools can be used in addition to or instead of badges. Iris scans and fingerprints provide a higher level of protection for your business. Adjust the parameters to define exactly where each person is allowed to go, as well as their privileges. For instance, some staff members will be allowed to escort visitors through the facility while others have visitor authorization access.

Top of the line security should be a priority for protecting your company. A visitor vetting and management system will make certain that nobody ends up where they don’t belong. Keep the bad guys out with a customizable system that will protect you, your employees and your assets!

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