Visitor Vetting and Your Business

A picture of a man walking through a building with visitor access managementHow many visitors does a given facility receive every day? Is Visitor Vetting a part of your company procedures? What happens to them once they enter the building? Is someone posted at the entrance or is the check-in process automated? These are just some of the questions and concerns at the forefront of clients’ minds. Conversations regarding effective building security take place in offices and installations every day. These discussions underscore the significance of visitor management, specifically a visitor management system (VMS) to keep them organized.

But before getting down to the best visitor vetting system in the market today, let us define the system first.

What Is a Visitor Vetting System?

visitor to a workplace that was vetted at the front deskA visitor management system is a tool used in managing and tracking visitors. Such a system provides selective access to offices and other types of structures and helps improve the overall experience of the visitors. It does more than a paper and pen can, for example, a VMS can:

  •    Take photos of visitors for better identification
  •    Maintain cloud-based visitor log
  •    Accept document drop-off and food deliveries
  •    Print visitor ID badges and customize with the corporate logo
  •    Send an email, Slack, and SMS notification when a visitor arrives
  •    Provide visitors with instructions.

With the many functions of a Visitor Management System, how can your facility benefit?

Benefits of a Visitor Management System

A visitor management system solves significant challenges usually encountered by many offices such as in productivity, security, and brand image. The system mainly deals with issues on:

  •    Productivity-reducing interruptions
  •    Receptionists stuck at desks
  •    Information security
  •    Visitor privacy
  •    Emergency evacuation planning
  •    Regulatory compliance
  •    Business enterprise’s first impression
  •    Establishing a consistent brand image

At this point, does your office need a Visitor Management System? It’s a definite yes. However, it is not yet time to go to the marketplace to purchase one.

Considerations When Purchasing a Visitor vetting System

Take into account the following features of a Visitor Management System before deciding which one you should purchase.

  •    Check-in Process Customization – Visitors within varying categories need not necessarily go through the same check-in procedure. For instance, they may or may not be required to sign an agreement or wear the company’s badge. You may need to get their company and name. A customized check-in process enables you to make a design of the reception experience for each visitor.
  •    Message Forwarding – A notification can be sent to someone else in case of the unavailability of the primary contact of a visitor. Have unlimited notification backup to make sure that no visitor will be unattended.
  •    Two-Way Communication – In addition to receiving messages from the visitor management system, your employees may also need to return messages to their visitors.
  •    Digital Visitor Log – Digital visitor logs allows the company to track visitors to ensure security and export people attending a specific event.
  •    Multiple Channels Use for Notifications – Receptionists may send an automatic notification to the person the visitor would like to see through text message, Slack, or email. This enables contacts within the company to select their preferred notification channel.
  •    Badge Printing – This visitor management system feature is certainly highly sought-after. Visitor badges give you knowledge on the people present in the office. Some badges are mainly designed for specific visitors.
  •    NDA and Legal Agreements – The management system should be able to simplify the paperwork from these documents. Note that companies ask business partners, colleagues, and job applicants to sign NDAs and other necessary legal agreements.

Morale often improves significantly with an efficient Visitor Management System. It should be a paramount consideration for every facility in today’s security climate.

Best Visitor Management System

Allow us to show you the best system available on the market these days.

VVMS: Your Best Visitor vetting System

Take note of the following features of VVMS, their specifications, and their reviews to help you figure out what’s the best for your company.

Visitor Sign-In

sign in sheet for front deskVisitors sign in simply and quickly with VVMS as it allows you to print badges, receive an alert when guests arrive and ensure legal documents’ signage. VVMS streamlines visitor sign-in because it enables you to automate manual tasks such as employee alert, badge creation, or legal paperwork filling. The system provides a powerful first impression for visitors because of the innovative, modern sign-in solution. It allows building security to know who is inside and authorized in the building through the custom visitor badges. Its real-time dashboard shows those who are signed in. It only offers a smooth visitor check-in process, making it very effective and efficient and very beneficial. It is easy to use and effortless with its user-friendly dashboard and excellent features. Its text feature is viable for students.

Installation Process

Setting up VVMS is very convenient and easy to install. Setup takes about 5 minutes, and any obstacles can quickly be overcome with its strong customer support. It commits to provide every customer security of its components with reliability and confidentiality. An iPad and a computer are the only things necessary to use the system.

Visitor Vetting Receptionist Software

On-premise and cloud-based VVMS receptionist is great for large, midsize, and small business enterprises in various industries. The system includes motion detection, event management, company directory, visitor registration, and badge printing. It greets visitors with its motion detection feature. It integrates with on-premise and cloud-based communication systems like Avaya, Microsoft Skype, and Cisco. You can subscribe to VVMS on a monthly basis. This virtual receptionist saves you money because it spares you from paying someone to do the task. It is as convenient to use as it is professional in approach. Its communications options connect visitors with your team.

Office Automation

VVMS front office automation and visitor vetting system aims to heighten building security while lessening front desk personnel workload via smartphone-based applications and kiosk self-service. Its primary service is to provide you with flexibility for efficiency and security. Vertical markets benefit from this VMS including universities and colleges, medical clinics and hospitals, manufacturing facilities, hotels and casinos, private and public K-12 schools, and sports venues. VVMS products are designed to meet the needs of varying environments and budget. They include reports and configuration settings, background checks, data storage, access to visitor records, and unlimited data storage. The system scans a driver’s license and other visitor ID formats. It immediately records visitor traffic. Its self-service interface enables visitors to make an unassisted sign in and sign out. It makes timesheet reporting easy.


Optimize your visitor management process with VVMS. This VMS maximizes the efficiency of the front desk by permitting the receptionist to carry out other significant projects while the visitors are asked to sign themselves. It strengthens the security and safety of your facility without compromising regulatory compliance. It supports regular auditing as it provides all the necessary reports.  It transforms the front desk as an efficient organizational point. Its interface supports different languages. The system is multilingual, keeping you connected. Its fluid and responsive platform make it simple matter the environment and devices. It ensures the following of legal documents and compliance. Spotting visitors is made very easy with its visitor badge. It hosts notifications to keep everything very efficient.

Reporting and Configuration

VVMS makes the most of its state-of-the-art features leaving a powerful impression on your visitors. Our cloud-based Visitor Registration Management Solution uses an Android tablet or iOS for registration along with a reporting and configuration website. It supports receptionist-less front desks. It has a digital signature, a real-time dashboard, and SMS notifications. Its dashboard tracks the exact number of visitors signed in, present at the time being, and those who have signed out. It can welcome visitors from more than one company from the same device. It automatically allows the visitee to know of the visitor’s arrival through email, Slack, and SMS. It checks the emergency data from a device that can browse the internet. It captures digital signatures and visitor photos.

The platform is easy to use with its great back-end features like the emergency evacuation procedure. It is customizable to meet your needs and put your branding on it. It has a positive response to both the visitees and the visitors. Its layout is so simple as it can quickly explain to volunteers working with it. It shows flexibility to end-users.

Visitor Vetting and Scalability

Manage people who sign into and out of your website using cloud-based VVMS. The software is scalable as it gives you an option whether to use the whole or bare minimum modules in case or company requires for it. This solution works great for various industries like manufacturing, schools, construction, government, and offices. It comes with badge printing, notifications, reporting, visitor car parking, and visitor tracking. It allows users to handle to handle visitors in signing in and out of the facilities, manage visitor policies, and view unauthorized visitors. It is user-friendly, which always evolves and looks for additional features. It’s a product which can fit all the business groups. Setting it up is very easy as it enables you to customize information suitable for visitor pre-registration completion. It only requires minimal maintenance, and it is adaptable for good aesthetics. It reports on the historical presence data. You can find it very handy when monitoring staffs’ in/out and the other beneficial functions.

Productivity Booster

VVMS is an easy-to-use visitor management platform that helps boost the productivity of your company. This is attributable to its digital document signing, contact management, user notifications, badge printing, and visitor registration. It is part of an integrated suite offering a workplace analytics and employee meeting tool. It can integrate with different third-party services like Dropbox, Google Apps, Jira, Slack, Office365, and Box.a mobile application for the iOS devices. The platform offers real-time host notification that provides an easy and quick visitor check-in. It establishes custom visitor types, manages documents and NDAs, and it promises safety to your office. Its deployment and support cost lesser than the other comparable alternative.

Smart, Paperless Visitor Connection

Reinvent your visitor Hello with the smart yet simple visitor management system VVMS. The solution offers a paperless gateway for a smooth and intuitive people connection. This is the complete VMS system that streamlines and modernizes your office’s front desk. It elevates critical first impressions while enhancing the security and safety of your workplace. It shows off the agility, cleverness, and efficiency of your business before speaking a single word. It’s efficient in providing a complete image of those who are on site with the real-time employee and visitor movements. Visitor engagement is another factor that this system promised. The system proves the statement that first impressions really last. It is accurate and quick in giving information as it demonstrates how time can be very precious. Human technology is its priority which is supported by values. It is easy to use as it meets the requirements and highly customizable and configurable.


Digitized arrows on a signBe digital with VVMS as it goes beyond a simple digital check-in app. The platform provides functionality and features that boost your visitors’ experience and make your hosting simple. Among its features are automatic badge printing, offline alerts, customizable watchlists, electronic document signing, and visual identification. It protects your personal data and security with visitor badges, digital NDAs, watchlists, and more. It captures real-time information about your visitors from different locations. It crafts distinct guest sign-in experiences and customizes your brand’s design. It also comes with a speed of new feature development according to your ideas and needs. VVMS offers integration with different apps or platforms. You can embed this software into the overall branding of your company. It is so straightforward to use that further explanation is not necessary. It has exceptional customer support, and it is intuitive during its installation and configuration


Visitor vetting is made easy with VVMS as it manages staff, assets, contractors, and visitors throughout the workplace. It can geofence your website and check-in contractors, staff and repeat visitors. Its implementation is among the best decisions made by its end-users. Its primary features include badge printing, analytics, automatic notifications, reporting, and visitor registration. It is downloadable for iOS and Android devices. Wherever you may be, you can always subscribe to this app since it’s available globally. Mobile check-in is effortless with visitor notifications from the same app. It improves security and rapidly prints badges upon visitor arrival. The plug and play set up of this system is very easy. Instructions may not be necessary as it is extremely easy to use. It has excellent mobility and is typically adopted by staff very readily. It is straightforward as it manages different sites from one dashboard. It reduces paper consumption significantly.

Customizable Functionality

Transform your traditional visitor management approach to a modern office reception with VVMS. The digital receptionist greets visitors allowing them to choose their visitation purpose, the person they would want to see, and key-in their name. It provides a mobile application for Android and iOS devices and hardware like badge printers and tablets. It offers effective and hassle-free visitor logging. It is a complete visitor management system with a customizable functionality. It helps improve office work and resolves an issue associated with data access and time. It controls the time of physicians.

Brand Image

VVMS elevates the brand image of your business. Corporate image is really significant due to its impact on your bottom line. This is due to the likeliness of company purchasing perceived positively. Although brand image can be tricky since it is not something that you can completely control. However, you can shape it by making choices. You can help promote you are environmentally responsible through the green initiatives.

Office technology has a significant impact and influence on a corporate brand image. VVMS enhances their brand. This is the very reason why more and more businesses use a VMS. It raises their brand and thereby impress the visitors. This only means that this technology helps influence the view of every customer on a brand. As such, there is a need for VMS to make things easy for both the companies and visitors.

VMS Qualifications for Best Application

VMS electronically monitors and then records information regarding employees and visitors of a public building or business. VVMS documents and collates data on the whereabouts of a visitor in the facility. This system guarantees that your visitor sign-in process will be more accurate, efficient, and consistent. It provides proper visitor information storage in a database. It protects employees and facilities and increases building security. The best thing is the fact that it can be installed on an existing personal computer available at the desk of the receptionist or it can be developed on certain kiosk (self-service). This software can scale based on business enterprise’s need and size and can be integrated with the identity management software.

Just take note of the following qualifications that should be present in a VMS:

VVMS is deployable on a tablet, self-service kiosk, or a PC.

It can collect and document guest or visitor information.

It can facilitate guest or visitor check-in.


Achieve the vision of offices and establishments can maintaining operations with ease and efficiency through an exceptional quality visitor management service. Visitors are as valued as your staff and customers through the functionality and efficiency of your visitor vetting system.


Background Checks Can Help In Arriving at a Correct Judgmemt of People

Background checksBackground checks get you information about the history that an individual has. They may become necessary when you have recently met a person, and have an intention of developing the acquaintance for business or other purposes. They allow you make a quick check about the character of the person before you make any further commitments in any form.

With the wide advent of the internet, such checking of backgrounds has become quite simple and is conducted by most companies before they hire any individual, especially if they are being appointed for key positions and those that require honesty, dependability, and confidentiality. It is often conducted by landlords before they take on potential tenants. You may also find such checks being made by financial institutions before they get into monetary dealings with a person. Online dating has become quite common and conducting background checks on people can give you a truer picture of a person than what is available in a profile.

A wide variety of information about people is available in public documents and is often negative information that can give you access to criminal records, driving history, and more importantly credit or financial standing. This can often raise red flags and prevent a person from getting a job or even being able to rent a home or get a loan. While others can conduct a background check on you, you can do the same for anyone that you come across. You can also conduct such checks on institutions and companies that you intend dealing with. You will, however, find information about the products and service offered by a business, and the sort of work done by an institute quite easily, but if you are looking for reputation, financial standing and the way a person is perceived in society this may require more detailed digging and greater effort.


Background checks are not always reliable

Background checks

And it has led to cases of mistaken identity and even wrongful arrest, and before you take any drastic action that can backfire on you, it is always desirable to go in for additional verification from different sources so that you are sure that you have the right information. Poor credit ratings can often be because of circumstances that were beyond the person’s control, and a deeper research can often clarify this.

Online checking of backgrounds has become much easier because of the internet and the vast amount of data that it holds. Putting all the information you gather in the correct context and drawing conclusions, only after additional verification is a must. You can also find a lot of agencies who can conduct such background checks and you can even remain anonymous to such data miners, but their reliability and ability to keep things in confidence must be accurately judged. These checks can help to verify information given by applicants for a job, those applying for loans, and can help in decision making. Often, even innocent details like where persons have worked before, the place where they live, their circle of friends, and other innocuous things can give a better understanding of the person being checked.


Things to Know about Video Badging

Video BadgingTo create a much more protected area, an establishment owner could utilize a video badging solution. It is a system comprised of several simple features.

A person could capture more details about the Access Control cardholders and offer staffed guard checkpoints with an extra identification of those permitted entry to protected places using a photo ID card printer, a computer with video badging software, and a CCTV camera.

Nowadays, video badging is actually often printed on the Access Control proximity card. This creates a photo together with the card being read. The systems capture the facial image of the badge-holder that could be used later to recognize an individual in video recordings. It could even offer details for an improved type of advanced security, biometric facial identification systems.

Today, the world is constantly evolving, and so does technology used in security and surveillance solutions.

ADVANTAGES OF VIDEO BADGINGAdvantages of Video Badging

The clear and main advantage of video badging is that they enable people to mix electronic recognition together with visual recognition. Personalized ID Badge templates enable for the utilization of the badge perimeter space to recognize divisions, departments, and clearance levels of a firm and even association with a group. For instance, the Labor and Delivery department of a medical facility might have a special color background to provide immediate and quick reference that the holder is fine to be in the Labor and Delivery section. Access control systems, such as video badging, lower the necessity for expensive security staff while still making sure that the place is secure and safe.

Generating Pathways

It is vital that the service provider consider the pathways of those who would be influenced by the new access control setup, whenever they are working with video badging systems. This means that it should be obvious who is capable of accessing what areas. For instance, several badges can bring an Orange security level clearance and signs dispatched around that place can reflect that. This avoids confusion over what places are accessible to certain individuals.

Who Could Benefit

Building Access Control SystemsVideo badging systems are best for any establishments that host a huge variety of staff and are required to limit access to particular people while not prohibiting the progress of other individuals. It is a cheap approach that’s best for government facilities, schools, and hospitals.

There are a lot of service providers out there who provide data communication solutions for a lot of various markets. With the amplified importance on access control for businesses and establishments in recent days, any method that makes the jobs of screeners simpler is a welcomed one. Screeners, such as security guards and people at the reception desks, will have an easy job with video badging.

Video badging comes with a lot of advantages. When dealing with the access control efforts of the company, these cheap and simple tools provide great versatility. Using video badging services will help a company experience the benefits that it could offer. Though not each security firm who provides these services offers all of the benefits, almost all of them do.

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Information On Physical Security

Physical SecurityPhysical security has become one of the most important investments a business can make.

Whether it’s a simple commercial building or a nuclear site, there is importance given to this part of the project. For those looking to get a feel for what physical security involves, here’s a look at the concept and its advantages.

What Is Physical Security?

Physical security refers to an established protocol for security measures. These are set up to make sure only authorized individuals can access the particular assets inside (equipment/materials/products/designs). The security measures are set up to make sure everything is done to protect the asset(s). This is often used as an umbrella term for a broader security plan involving various solutions and/or technology.

When done properly, this acts as a complete security blanket around the protected area and keeps things as safe as possible. It is supposed to protect from things such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, cyber attacks, and anything else that can do unwanted harm.

Examples of Physical Security

* Fencing
* Security Guards
* Protective Barriers
* Locks
* Surveillance Systems
* Access Systems


Physical Security1) Complete Protection

The premise is to put together a solution that is well-rounded, easy to manage and will keep the asset(s) in safe hands. No one wants to look over their shoulders all the time when it comes to key designs, prototypes, assets, equipment, or anything else valuable. With physical security in place, the assets are going to be safe and will not get compromised at any stage. There are several layers to the protection making sure nothing happens.

This is where physical security becomes essential.

2) Minimizes Security Concerns

One of the biggest benefits of physical security is the minimizing of security concerns.

The assets will not have to be protected from the inside because they’re going to be handled from afar. This peace of mind is what makes it such a substantial investment and the way to go. As the security concerns are minimized, the chances of new issues creeping up will die down as well.

A lot of businesses put in the time and effort to set up foolproof systems that are going to be secure from all angles. This is the charm of high-quality security.

security guard3) Creates a Structured Safety Net

If there is an asset or group of assets inside, it’s important to keep things as secure as possible. Physical security is a way to manage these protective requirements without creating new issues along the way. Everything is mapped out and this creates a “safety net” around the asset(s). It’s best to take time planning out the solution so it acts the way it is supposed to and interlinks appropriately.

These are the benefits of focusing on physical security and making sure a multi-layered approach is taken. If not, there are additional worries that can crop up over time leading to the asset(s) getting damaged/stolen. A professional setup is always going to account for these threats and will include a detailed physical security solution.

Things to Know about Video Badging


Monitoring And Surveillance Methods

There are a variety of different types of surveillance and monitoring methods available that are used primarily to improve security measures. Most people only employ one or two of these measures to keep their property, themselves and their loved ones safe.

Physical Surveillance1. Physical Surveillance

This is the oldest type of surveillance around and even though it has been largely replaced by technology, still forms a significant part of the security industry. Physical surveillance involves the presence of person (like a security guard) to patrol, monitor and provide a certain measure of protection against intrusion on a premises.

There are different levels of security surveillance available to meet different needs. For example, in a gated community, a security guard may patrol the neighborhood and respond to calls from residents whereas physical security in a mall will take on a much more complicated and involved form.

Security cameras2. Cameras

Security cameras have fast become the preferred surveillance and monitoring method for homes, business and other establishments. Digital cameras and wireless technology provide the opportunity for just about every person to monitor their property or premises around the clock, no matter where they are.

This type of surveillance can be linked to a response unit that can monitor premises on behalf of an owner and respond to any intrusions or other safety and security breaches and requirements. The combination of physical surveillance with camera monitoring and surveillance provides comprehensive and effective security measures.

There are a wide range of cameras and surveillance equipment available. From tiny fiber optic cameras that can be hidden to monitor activity to large cameras that provide a 360 degree view of an area and can be remotely operated. Cameras also provide a number of other benefits such as infrared monitoring capabilities, motion detection, etc. to further improve security measures.

GPS Tracking3. GPS Tracking

Most people take for granted that the GPS tracking device in their vehicle, smartphone or other mobile devices are also a monitoring and surveillance method. The technology also allows for chips to be placed on other valuable items in order to be located should the need arise. However, GPS tech is not only for locating vehicles or items but is also used to track items.

For example, a business owner with a fleet of cars will be able to effectively track the location of each vehicle to ensure that employees are not using company property for personal reasons. Combined with smartphone and other digital technology, GPS can even be used to provide images of the location of a lost or stolen item.

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security system4. Computer Surveillance

This is a means of tracking and recording the activity on a specific computer, laptop or mobile device. This is ideal for businesses who want to monitor what their employees are really doing during business hours as well as for parents who would like to observe what their kids are looking at. Webcams can also be accessed using computer surveillance technology.

The type of surveillance technology that is required is dependent on individual needs and it is recommended to discuss the different options available to provide the greatest security benefits.

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Tips For Vetting New Employees

Hiring new employees can be stressful as you have to find someone with the right qualifications and experience. You also need to ensure that they are telling you the truth and this can be done through vetting the candidates. If you are unsure about where to start with the vetting process, there are a number of tips that you should use to ensure that this is done correctly.

  • Rely On The InternetDo Not Rely On The Internet

There are many people who use a quick internet search to verify that the candidate is who they say they are. While this can be a good place to starts and is something you should be doing, you cannot rely on a Google search only. You have to take further steps to verify identity, qualifications and past work history.

The internet search can help you find the candidate’s social media accounts so you can see what they have been posting and if it is in line with your business values. However, you need to complete a background check if you are thinking of offering the person a job. The depth of the background check will vary depending on the sensitivity of your business and the data that you work with. If you deal with financial data, you have to complete a background check and a credit check.

  • Call The References

Call The ReferencesThe references that are provided by the candidate will need to be checked. Emailing the references is often the easiest option, but does not always yield the right data and can easily be faked by the candidate. This is why you should take the time to call all of the references.

A phone call will also give you the opportunity to ask follow up questions based on the answers given. This can lead you to negative information about the candidate that you might not have received otherwise. Of course, you should not wing it when you call and have a list of open-ended questions ready based on the information that you have about the candidate.

Be Aware Of  The Legalities

When vetting candidates, you need to be careful because there is a legal minefield waiting for you. You should not run criminal checks and other background checks indiscriminately because this could lead to rejected candidates claiming discrimination. You should only be running certain background checks when the job you are hiring calls for this.

This means that if you are hiring a receptionist, you probably do not have to run a credit history check. However, if you are hiring a cashier or someone who has access to accounting records, a more thorough background check is expected. Criminal background checks should be handled with care and only when specific duties are part of the job.

You should also note that looking at social media should be done with care as it could also result in a discrimination claim. While posts on social media can tell you a lot about the candidate, if you do not hire them they could claim discrimination. An example of this will be a woman who announced on social media that she is pregnant and claims that she was not hired based on this fact which is considered discrimination.

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Tips For More Secure Visitor Access

Secure Visitor AccessThere are a lot of businesses that need to have their customers visit them. While visitor access is something that you need, you have to ensure that your business is kept safe. This is why you need to consider tips for secure visitor access.

The first step to more secure visitor access is to have a visitor badge. This should be more than a piece of paper in a badge sleeve that says visitor. The badge has to be well-designed to meet the security needs of your company.

A basic visitor access badge should have the name of the visitor prominently displayed. The name of the person they are going to be seeing should also be included on the badge as this will help security identify the visitors who are in restricted areas. If your business deals with sensitive information, you might want to go a step further with the badge.

In these cases, you might want to consider including a photograph of the visitor on the badge. This is actually a lot easier to do than you might imagine. You can take the picture with a webcam and use software to place in on the badge before printing it. You can also ask the visitor to send a picture before they arrive if this is possible.

  • Always Check Identification

Identification CheckingAnother way to ensure that visitor access is secure will be to check identification. Before the visitor badge is handed to the person, an inspection of their ID should be completed. This will help you ensure that the person is who they say they are and that they are not operating under a false name.

When it comes to checking ID, you need to ensure that all personnel knows what to look for. There are certain security features built into different types of ID and you need to know what they are. The ID check procedure should include looking at these features to ensure that the ID is real and not a fake.

  • Control Access To The Building

Security Access ControlWhen you control the access to different parts of the building, you will be able to make visitor access more secure. Access to the reception area should be open, but all areas past this should be carefully restricted. This is particularly important if your business is working with sensitive information.

To restrict access, you could have an RFID chip system where employees have access to the areas that they need and visitors do not have any access. This will stop visitors from gaining entry to restricted areas or areas that they should not be able to get to. If you are going to restrict the access to the building, you will need to have a process in place for when visitors arrive.

The best solution will be to have the visitor wait in reception until the person they are seeing can show them into the building. Having security personnel take the visitor to the person comes with risks as they could be left to wait unattended if the person is not at their desk.

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Benefits Of Visitor Tracking

visitor talking at hotel receptionVisitors are a big part of many businesses and being able to track them is essential. If they are not tracked, major issues can start to creep up and become a long-term problem. Those who are looking to invest in something seamless will know it begins with visitor tracking technology.

As long as this technology is put in, visitors can be managed without a problem.

Here is a look at the advantages of detailed visitor tracking and why it has become such an advantageous option for modern businesses.

  • Accurate Data

Data is the name of the game when it comes to pinpointing what is happening with the location and business. Imagine having hundreds of people coming at one time and not knowing where they are or even who they are!

This is a primary concern for business owners and that’s where physical tracking becomes essential. It is one of the ultimate ways of locking things down and keeping track of where people are. The visitor will be processed through the setup and is going to be fully listed in the data that is present. This is a must for those hoping to find a good solution that will keep things in order for as long as necessary.

As long as this data continues to come in, the business and venue will be able to adapt.

Visitor Check-In SystemLiabilities are a major concern for people that want to track visitors. If a business is set up, how is it going to manage the visitors that come in? Will there be issues with the tracking? What if there are security hazards that pop up due to your negligence as a company?

These are the details that have to be kept in mind and why visitor tracking is important. It eliminates these liabilities before they pop up.

  • Simplifies Processing

If visitors are going to be coming in and out of a venue, it’s important to process them effectively. There are a lot of details to go through when it comes to processing visitors and all of this can be done with a tracking solution. It can make sure additional hassles do not have to be taken on by the business. if there are going to be numerous visitors coming in at the same time, anything that helps the processing is a major plus point. It’s an important distinction to make when it comes to producing results.

A venue that is going to see countless people come in needs to focus on a visitor tracking system. This has to be organized, simple, and safe all wrapped into one. If that is not happening, the visitors will not be easy to place and that can lead to major security liabilities. It’s important to invest in a solid tracking setup that includes multiple layers of security. This includes where people will come in from and how they are going to be processed through the system. Until this happens, the process will not be as efficient as it needs to be.

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What You Should Know About Home Security vs. Public Security Procedures

Many thieves, criminals, and intruders will often masquerade as handymen, painters, and plumbers to survey your premises, so you should always be wary of individuals peddling or offering unsolicited services. Home security is not always guaranteed, and in some cases, burglaries are usually facilitated by negligence by the homeowner. The best way to ensure your personal safety and that of your property is to ensure you control access to your home and maintain it as well. Most home security procedures are usually easy-to-use and do not often require much investment concerning hardware and software.

unchecked visitors in officePublic security, on the other hand, requires the use of complicated procedures to identify any civilian visitors. When it comes to areas accessed by the public, there is a higher security risk, and stringent procedures must be conducted to ensure the visitor is not a security threat. Here are some of the most common public security procedures people must undergo when accessing a business premise or federal building.

License Plate Recognition

This is a kind of public security procedure that entails checking a vehicle’s history by capturing its license number as well as the issuing state with a License Plate Recognition camera. This could at times be coupled with under-vehicle scanning when there is need to conduct a thorough inspection of vehicles. While it is possible to input the vehicle information into a security management system manually, the automation of license plate recognition boosts the security level for manned and unmanned entry points.

Once this information is acquired, the vehicle is then vetted against all external and internal data sources to establish whether there could be a potential threat linked to the car. If the vehicle were previously involved in a crime, it would probably show up against a record on the wanted vehicle file. This vehicle was perhaps associated with a crime on-site and security should be informed of its return.


When accessing some business premises or federal buildings, you will need to undergo a citizen verification through E-Verify. The same case is applied before a new employee is issued with a company badge since work eligibility checks must be conducted. And in instances that would require a recheck after the expiry of specific documents, an automatic trigger should repeat the verification process to confirm an individual’s eligibility. All designated staff shall be alerted immediately in case of any red flags.

Confirming Driver’s License Picture

The key to an entirely efficient public screening process is providing security with all tools and information they will require to confirm the identity of anyone who is seeking access to a particular premise. An efficient visitor management system should give you an array of options regarding ID photos. With some systems, it is easy to capture the photo on a driver’s license and upload it for fast access. This will make it easier for you to compare the individual’s photo when on a computer screen as opposed to when it is on the driver’s license. And in the event that the photo ID doesn’t match the current appearance of the person, an immediate alert should be issued.

Passport/Driver’s License Authentication


Checking the validity of an ID is more complicated than merely comparing a picture to the person’s face. Even professionally trained individuals might not spot a fake. An individual would need to spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the ever-evolving library of passport and driver license templates, perhaps with languages they are not familiar with. Even a standard ID scanner will only collect data but will do nothing to establish the document’s authenticity.

All public facilities checking ID’s must always use ID authenticators. Besides collecting information from a passport and driver’s license, they will concurrently authenticate the credentials against a database of templates to ascertain the authenticity of the ID and that it has not been altered or forged in any way.

While home and public security are equally important, the security procedures for both are entirely dissimilar. While not much attention goes to home security procedures due to the security risks associated, public security procedures incorporate numerous verification procedures that must be done before a visitor is granted access to a public facility.


How Military Clearance Can Affect Background Checks

Military Clearance in processWhen you are applying for a job, you are often required to go through a background check. This practice is a common request made by many employers that are going to employ individuals in high-security positions potentially. To obtain this position of trust, you must clear your background check, and many factors can help or inhibit this process. Many people that have been in the military have been granted what is called military clearance. This clearance allows them to view certain types of information that pertain to national security. There are three separate levels of security clearances available in the military, all of which can have a bearing on whether you pass or fail a background check. Let’s discuss the different levels of military clearance that a person may have, and how these clearances can affect background checks.

What Is A Background Check?

A background check is going to look at different aspects of a person’s life in several different areas. It is often assumed that employers are only going to look at your criminal record. They will look for certain violations such as convictions for misdemeanors and felonies. These checks will also include whether or not you had a DUI or DWI. A background check also looks into several other areas of your personal history. This will include credit checks, verification of certain licenses and credentials, bankruptcies, medical records, and references that you have provided of past employment. Employers will also look into a person’s military record which will provide them with limited information. This will include any awards that they have received, duties, salary, and the rank that they were before leaving the military. As they are searching through military information, this may also reveal your military security clearance level.

Overview Of Military Security Clearance Levels

MILITARY SECURITY CLEARANCEThere are three levels of security clearance that military personnel may achieve. This will include confidential, secret, and top secret clearance. Each one allows the person to have access to certain types of information. The confidential security level allows a person to gain access to information which could lead to national security problems if it were ever released. The secret clearance level pertains to information that could cause severe damage if it were ever revealed to the public. The highest level of security is top secret. This information could lead to grave damage to national security if it were disseminated, especially to those that could use this against the United States. These three levels of security clearance are used to determine what a person can see if they are part of government agencies such as the NSA, DOJ, the Department of Defense and many others.

How Can Military Clearance Levels Affect Background Checks?

If you are applying for a job that will require a military security clearance level, they must determine that you have achieved the proper level of clearance to be considered for the role. Employers prefer having people that have already achieved these clearance levels as it makes it easier for them to simply put them into the position that is available. For example, if you are applying for a defense-related job, they will state what security clearance level you should already have. If the job involves positions that involve working with nuclear energy, or if you would like to be a traffic controller for an airport, these are positions that often require this type of clearance. Those that do not have these clearance levels may not even be considered for these positions at all. Therefore, background checks that include looking at your military record can make it easier for employers to find the right people for positions in their organization.

What If You Do Not Have Proper Security Clearance?

Talking About SECURITY CLEARANCEIf a person is applying for a job in the United States that requires a security clearance level, and they do not have proper clearance, it is something that is obtainable. However, you must be a US citizen, and it may take up to two years to receive the requested level of security clearance. Referring to the example of the defense jobs that are available, the Defense Security Service would have to proceed with their own background checks. All findings would be reviewed and evaluated, based upon 13 sets of criteria, after which the clearance would either be denied or granted.

This is why employers that offer jobs that require a military clearance level will have background checks done. It allows them to eliminate potential candidates that do not have any military clearance at all. This is why having some military clearance is beneficial, especially for those that are looking for jobs after their time in the military. In conclusion, a background check that will assess a person’s military clearance level can be either beneficial or detrimental to the applicant. From the perspective of the employer, it simply makes it easier to find the best people for the job that will already have the necessary level of military clearance.

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