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Visitor Vetting and Management Systems main goals are to provide customers and clients with safer facilities.  Our products help customers to create a work and infrastructure environment that meets their safety and security regulations.


Visitor Vetting and Management Systems has earned a reputation as an industry leader in enterprise-class identity management systems based on solid performance, architecture, scalability, and reliability.  VVMS has customers that have been continuously using the MAX since 2004. Since then, MAX has maintained a 99.97% uptime. VVMS has recently received excellent evaluations from current clients using MAX. In terms of security, reliability, ease of use, and speed of support when it is needed, nothing beats MAX…

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Our software evaluates visitors to ensure that the proper people are allowed onto your facility.  We want to let the good guys in and keep the bad guys out. This is done through proper channels and our customers can have visitors vetted through federal watchlists and barrment rosters.  Some customers with an ORI can use our NCIC capabilities to vet visitors.  Once vetted, our system works seamlessly to help you create various types of visitor badges based on your customized needs.  Our products keep your visitor information safe including Personal Identifiable Information (PII). All information can be turned into a report for your organization. This gives your security representatives real-time information about who and where visitors are within your facilities.


Visitor Vetting and Management Systems has extensive experience working with government facilities and the public safety marketplace since 2001.  VVMS has pioneered the design and development of web-based automated access and badging control systems.  VVMS has intelligence analysis and threat assessment tools that are currently in use throughout various federal and commercial organizations.  VVMS has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the generation of real-time security and intelligence products under crisis and time-critical conditions.  As a result, VVMS is able to leverage off existing knowledge to provide a comprehensive product capable of addressing facility-wide and enterprise-wide visitor management.

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