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Welcome to Visitor Vetting and Management Systems. We are a security firm offering superior solutions that enable businesses to safely and efficiently manage visitors while adhering to the highest security protocols.  Enhance security behind the scenes to provide invaluable data to support the functions and mission of your organization.


Pre-registering and the Multi-Visitor request features make it easy to register people in advance to ease check-in times. VVMS offers an unlimited number of role-based users.  Our users find MAX easy to comply with their business rules and requirements for creating restricted area badges.


Know who is entering your facility: vetting through multiple data sources at one time including federal watchlists and ability to create a customized barrment list.  NCIC-III available for law enforcement.


VVMS has a reliability uptime of 99.97% and scalability to perform at one site or multiple sites worldwide. A robust reporting application has the ability to know WHO visited, WHERE they visited, WHAT they visited, and WHEN they visited.


VVMS mandates encryption and complies with regulations such as FISMA, NIST 800-53, and FIPS, due to our government and military customers.  Data moved to VVMS Cloud is FedRAMP compliant. VVMS data security solutions employed at the highest levels of data encryption.

Custom Solutions

Advanced technology for delivering a high level of integration with mobile devices, kiosks, and other proprietary hardware. Custom modifications to meet organizations security rules and regulations including SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud solutions.


VVMS offers a variety of services including support, system design, and in-depth training. The end-user experience is the #1 priority. VVMS’ support is provided for users, technical and IT staff, hardware, and on-site.  We believe that we become partners with our clients to provide the best services.

Effective Visitor Management is a Process

Visitor management starts long before the visitor arrives. Organizations establish rules and requirements regarding visitors, contractors, and employees obtaining entry into a secure location. Visitor management must follow the rules and requirements established by an organization. A visitor management system is a cost-effective way to automate and streamline the process of granting access to the facility and managing the information about those visits before, during, and after visitors leave. MAX allows staff to work more efficiently and enables guards to focus on the important tasks they have been trained to do rather than data entry.

Solutions to Visitor Management

VVMS strives to provide the most comprehensive resource for relaying accurate information and making informed decisions. Put simply, VVMS offers the most advanced yet simple to use systems in the industry. Contact us today to see how this custom-tailored approach can resolve even the most complex visitor management issues. If you are looking for a security solution to monitor and track visitors, you know that it can be a daunting task but VVMS wants to make your search easy and meet your needs. MAX is a visitor management solution tailored to your organization’s rules and regulations.

Software Solutions

An organization serious about security understands that managing visitor access can be both costly and time-consuming. Additionally, there is a sophisticated and delicate balance between security and the ease of implementation and execution.

Visitor Vetting and Management Systems provides comprehensive solutions to these problems. Utilizing MAX Visitor Management System enables organizations to implement a tailor-made visitor management process and collect data about those visiting each facility, which becomes a dynamic asset to security personnel.

MAX gives organizations the power to meet ever-growing security requirements and effectively manage the visitor management process. Employing the latest technology equips security personnel with the tools to more effectively determine fitness for access, while also streamlining the process of badging visitors on arrival, and subsequently reporting on the data collected.

Hardware Solutions

VVMS can help you select the correct hardware for your specific requirements. We continually research and test the latest technology in order to recommend “Best in Class” devices, including:

Document Authenticators
  • Prevent the use of forged documents
  • Data from credential can be extracted and uploaded into system automatically
  • Seconds to complete verification and upload of visitor information
  • Badges
  • Passes
  • Paper or PVC
  • Self-expiring paper options
  • Scan credentials for easy verification
  • Scan to add credential to system
  • Seconds to complete verification and upload of visitor information
Signature Pads
  • Agree to terms of security and attest to visit
  • Touch screen with color display
  • Captures and displays “electronic ink” under the pen tip for a natural signature
  • Capture picture of visitor
  • New photo to ensure up-to-date
Biometric Readers
  • Verify through fingerprint or iris scan
  • Extra layer of security
  • Unique physical attributes
  • Record is attached to visitors’ information in system
Mobile Devices
  • Real-time using wireless technology
  • Scans driver’s license
  • Great for security gates
Automated Badging Kiosks
  • Allows for self-check in of pre-approved visitors and contractors
  • Reduces work load on security personnel
  • Built-in document scanner
  • Built-in printer

Women in a security uniform with her arm crossed protecting the area behind her

The MAX System

MAX is a fully customizable security solution that helps protect people, assets, and critical infrastructure. MAX is designed for the federal government and commercial market. MAX is implemented at military bases, federal agencies, commercial enterprises, and prisons. MAX visitor management solutions are tailored to your organization’s rules and requirements.

MAX is a web-based visitor and vetting management system that can meet and grow with organizations needs whether it is a simple visitor request or requires a more thorough vetting process. MAX tracks visitor data from initial request through pass or badge approval, issuance, collection, and destruction.  Your visitor data becomes an active asset by giving administrators access to queries and custom reports.

MAX can be used by an unlimited number of users, at multiple geographic locations, and will support an unlimited number of people, visitors, and contractors.  MAX is a fully integrated visitor management system that provides interactive, real-time support to organizations at multiple geographical locations. This means that the system acts as one in real-time.  Visitor reports and access histories for the entire enterprise can be generated with a single report or query. This keeps the organizations up-to-date on visitor data across all locations.

MAX is a role-based system, meaning that specific users will only have access to the portions of MAX and portions of the data that are required for those users to perform their jobs.

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